Contextualisation 1

A post that shows us the most influential artwork you have seen first hand either on a London trip or in a gallery in Cardiff, with a brief description of how it has influenced your practice.

I went to London on 02/12/15 and visited Tate Britan. Here I spent a lot of time viewing One Early Morning by Antony Caro the work started as a constellation essay topic and with the time spent question this work as a subject matter it influenced me very much!

First of all researching about the work developed my understanding of Painting as a give it a go subject with Caro’s use of household paint being a non permanent subject. This lead me to develop tests for a painting I developed for my field module this test piece was wildly diffrent in colours to my final alteration of it this being something that I had developed from Caro’s quotes on colour hitting harder than form but doesn’t last as long. Furthermore positioning of the artwork something that is going to play a key role when setting my space. I became very strongly opinionated over this factor of art and starting with Caros early one morning I sent off numerous letters to Tate with concerns and questions of their curation clearly I angered some one as they kept refusing to comment. Alongside this I found the work to enlighten me in respects to a work ethic and means of work production.

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