Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson

‘Wacky ideas’ is what is drawn to mind when I look at some of Wilsons works. The radiator in the middle of a room, pool table sunk into the floor or a circle cut out of a shelf. They all seem abit bonkers! Sometimes when I am thinking something pops into my head after some infectious thought regarding an odd detail. It then spirals and tumbles into something obserd. This feels like the embodiment of that!


And I like it!




I got these images from the book ‘RICHARD WILSON’ by Simon Morrissey.


I next looked at ‘RICHARD WILSON’ by Merrell

Here I found this artwork. It’s called… well I don’t know what it’s called although I found this online:

1987, used sump oil and steel, dimensions variable

just because it’s been installed in so many places!

IMG_0673 IMG_0674 IMG_0677 IMG_0678

I already knew about this artwork from a past chat I have had, although I had forgotten it. It’s a great work it is like the installed version of my work. I particularly like the ones that have been installed with the progressively lowering walk way. The walk way is significant. Allowing the viewer to adjust accordingly. Experience the work from both near full submersion to standing above looking down at it, not being in the liquid at all. Doing this with keeping the audience comfortable and the work suitable for the gallery/ cube setting.

I think there is so many things going on that it looses what it is? Do we know what it’s about? I don’t, and do I care? no! It’s quite beautiful and I can derive my own concepts into it I do think it’s particularly good but I do also think that it’s something that’s out of many people’s reach and so it is interesting in its own rite!

If I was to compare this artist to another I would say that he is similar to Billy Al Bengston due to his use of a sheen surface intent or not!

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