Notes on – Red stripe (title TBC) – Production

This work was developed to help understand the effect of resin on metal.

I spoke to a technician who had some spare.

Water materials experiments:

IMG_0708IMG_0711 IMG_0707 IMG_0705


In making a supporting structure I do not want to see the supports as much as possible. My plans:


IMG_0695 IMG_0697 IMG_0696

I  will look for something similar to the last idea in the last photograph.

Suitable cleaning products:


Potential brackets: IMG_0700

This one is nice because of the rounded edges although the front punched hole looks terrible!


looks like it acts more like a mirror plate.IMG_0702

This seems to follow problems from both of the past two.


This looks great! Very minimal, screw holes in the correct place and it looks brushed which will be good for descreate design.

 I had settled on a support structure of wood:

IMG_0729 IMG_0728

Firstly the metal attachment was poor as seen above. I later repurposed the piece using screws. Secondly I didn’t like the wood being seen. The wood was too distracting and showed a DIY state of development which made the work look less professional.



Flecks of dust although I’m going to try and use a vacuume and a tent!


Polished using baby lotion and a microfibres cloth. 




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