Red stripe (title TBC)

after the making of the metal surface to work on this will be the page that details the continuation of that development.


the video above is incredible check out how the paint behaves! It’s so weird it’s like it floats and then shatters back to a different state!


this video shows the sheen made

there are some minor flecks of dust although I’m going to try and use a vacuume and a tent!


This is the work I was initially greeted with! Particulate shiny… well fully shiny although some of it was wrinkled!


Here you can see the wrinkling and the shine.



I cleaned the metal using this hand baby lotion and I used a microfibres cloth. 


This is a completed piece. It’s abit of a test piece but I never make them super small well at least not too much of interest in the smaller pieces. I don’t like the screws use. I will be finding an alternate soloution in the future!


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