Quesitons on – Gwanwyn Festival 2018 – Positioning of paintings

As a member of the 2018 Gwanwyn festival I had placed two works in the exhibition although one was later removed! I received feedback from the curator of the space Melanie Wotton that when put in context provoked my attention during the development of my degree show exhibition.


The feedback was that the painting was visually too strong and imposed on everything else in the space. The paintings composition dominated the attention of the eye and removed attention from all other works in the space. Now coming to my degree show exhibition this had informed me to question the positioning of this particular work. Originally I hadn’t had a preference on where it would be positioned in the series although now I feel it should be central. This along with other features supported the metal versions manifestation into the gallery space.

Hoovers TVs and three piece suites (2018) (M) 870 x 1200 x 30mm

Hoovers TVs and three piece suites (2018) (M) 870 x 1200 x 30mm


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