Notes on – Fiona Grady – Shadow play

Here are images of Grady’s Work. The work is window based and uses opaque plastics to form colourful patters that allow light to pass through.


The work is fine there is nothing inheriantly wrong with it. It just doesn’t feel fully fledged and grasps the same recognition as that of a physical painting on a established gallery style wall. This I can see in correlation to my glass paintings from the start of this acedemic year. This is why I think I had opted to have the works wall based and framed like a painting and not directly in relation to the buildings windows.


The work here I feel when in discussion with people I went with feels abit like it is more decoration than art. Perhaps used by Chapter as a way to promote their space and make it feel more ‘arty’ while exploiting an artist… I’m not 100%.


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