Notes on – Mark Rothko – Seagram Mural placements

After a recent visit to Tate Modern to see Rothko’s Seagram murals for the hundredth time I found the need to document my understanding of how his paintings that are all connected by theme, colours and of course artist are all so clearly associated by curation. This curation along with other factors has had a profound impact on my degree show set up. This I think has been a constant factor throughout many visits.


The works on display of Rothko’s at Tate Modern take on their own rites as artworks due to their separation. Spaced just enough to have us as the viewer be able to spend time individually and inspect without distraction. This being said having the works encapsulated by the related paintings bestows a greater understanding for the viewer. When looking at one you cannot help but take into consideration the others. By doing this the artists devotion is pressed into my mind when viewing.

When coming to develop my own exhibition space I find a need to not simulate/ immitate but give reference to this layout method. Each painting of mine has similar cues and themes etc… Yet I wish the viewer to have the opportunity to inspect individually and then be able to take the step back and be swarmed by their relation ships.

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