Notes on – Garry Hume – Display

After reflecting on this post (linked below) I noticed the setting of Hume’s work.

Notes on – Garry Hume – Making process

The colourful, reflective and smooth works sit beautifully on the stark white walls. The works demand an attention the command the space. There is no interference unlike in some of these other places I have looked at (linked below). Well besides the domestic gallery space

Notes on – Degree show – Domestic setting tests

Notes on – Degree show – Spaces (TATE Britain)

Notes on – Degree show – Spaces (TATE Modern)

Notes on – Degree show – Spaces (Domestic gallery)

The domestic gallery one was great the awkwardness from the white space is diminished. If this is something that could be incorporated into the degree show all the better although it does come down to consistency throughout the exhibition and if other people are ok with this. Its something that needs to be asked and looked into at the point of cleaning up from installation.

Notes on – Degree show – Spaces (Other use)


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