Notes on – Degree show – Setting up

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Here is the ground plan for the exhibition.

I asked for a straight wall with natural light. This space will work really well.

Cleaning of my original studio space.

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304650F7-66D7-4240-9D40-8AB89B2E4BEE 6E6D4F9F-DA2A-4ECE-B6C1-ED3926D9C06F D9144792-9590-4AF0-A773-23BF3AB84535Above is my space that I will be located in at the show.

Below are mock ups that I contemplated over months before execution including work selection, composition, positioning in gallery and methods for hanging:

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Below the images show the space post clear out and walls being erected although before my intervention.

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I have applied gumtape and using a sharp edge scored the outline.

7DEF9C03-9E5B-426E-BE86-C2B1326BC456 3F2A410E-BE66-4D56-9646-20EBCCF1F8B2 89CF8CE8-AAD7-4BE7-B18C-D95F63655A00I have painted over the gumtape leaving 24 hours for drying.


I have set the work in an even spacing as to not allude to narrative between specific works and not others each work stands on its own rite. Their presence is powerful and in some installations overpowering. Keeping each work within its own breathing space keeps an even flow.


Here are images of the work installed. The wall next to me has been painted red and there isn’t much I can do about it. The work may be distracted although it may also work in my favour as the red wall could pull people past my work more.


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