Questions on – Callum Innis – My work

What might Innis think of my work?


In the video below a time stamp 1:50 Innis is heard saying “If it was simply white red black, it would be very mannered it would be very boring.“


I would argue mine are made from real life observations experiences. I use a shinny resin, and bare surface to emphasise the reflection back onto the viewer. Having this invites the viewer to reflect both on my work and their response to it.

There are some things Innis might ask about my work. These may including questions about the process and why the process is important. I think he may ask this due to the visual similar nature of my work to his. His process being very much significant to his work; fragility in similarity to human life and more emphasis on materiality.

I would argue that the process of my work is self evident of human life and experience. This can be felt in the way that I agonise over the conception of a work and then seen in production, The unexpected effects give its own balance. Just like how in life we cannot control everything, the work has its on rite and effect on its appearance.


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