Metal supplier

Celsia steel

I got in contact with Chris Hagg

he was super helpful! He suggested I get in contact with Tartar steel in portbot, Cardiff galvanisers, and stockists! He mentioned that I would be looking for strip metal as they stock cobalt metals!


I then got in contact with Carol from Cardiff galvanisers! She too was super helpful offering to call back after asking around which she did and suggested metal fabs!


I managed to find my university’s supplier just off the measurements of the steel I already had I got in contact with Brian from art on steels who discussed that they price up, can cut and even after I Enquired fabricate a structural support! Wow!

Brian requested a diagram of the frame I had in mind I sent that off I have also contacted the metal specialist in my university to see if I can learn to make the frame myself.


Turns out Brian is a cock and was charging 400% mark up and also refusing to contact me back. well fuck him!

After some driving in Barry docks I went to one place that wanted to charge me £48 all sheets cut and prepped! Printmet Limited. Here is where they are located:


This was even more expensive than others, atleast they were polite!

I then got in contact with a ship manufacturer who recommended me to Duvid Steels who were great! they had people looking and actively working to find me a good deal!


I revered to my fathers contact called Almac air-conditioning the gents there are top and I would recommend! The contact I spoke to was Jeff! Top guy he spoke with me, collected and cut all the materials I purchased and gave me some suitable offcuts for half the price of anyone else! A true good guy I will never forget the deed they have done for me!



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