Notes on – Degree Show – Hoovers TVs and three piece suites (M) production

Making a metal canvas LINK

With the metal canvas made it was a case of drawing up the composition in pencil and taping up using parcel tape. The paint would be mixed and then filtered and then poured into the paintings.

It’s a recreation of the canvas based Hoovers TVs and three piece suites

Here is is an image of the work in production


Above you can see I have taped the work up! As this work didn’t initially require much use of accuracy and precision it was just a case of tapping them on! This is part of the concept.


In similarity to metal painting 2 I used a lot of paint and let a lot of it run off! This technique seemed to work wonders at keeping the paint level the best.



A lot of work went into cleaning the surface once all the tape was removed. This part is all about the refining section.

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Here is the work in its finished state.


I am pleased with the final work is meets all the demands I have made to the painting including the vague reading into the concepts, sleek minimal design, eye grabbing and use of materials.

Here is an image of the work installed:



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