Carmen Herrera

Carman Herrera is a female artist. Just artist. In the 1960s she was turned away from being promoted as a top artist, because she was female. Since her dismissal she has worked endlessly to produce work. In the past 10 years she was finally re-recognised and promoted to a place of recognition. Working still at the ripe age of 102/3 she uses assistants for nearly everything she makes.

She has also had a documentary/ short film made about her life. “A 100 years show”.

The work of Carman Herrera is interesting seems as she was pushed aside due to her gender in her prime. With the work recently coming to light were seeing an artist stuck in time just like the work. The work and itsĀ visuals are great! They encompass a rawness of painting, a grand showing of zeal.


basque by carmen herrera

Artist:Carmen Herrera (American/Cuban, born 1915)

Title:Basque , 1965

Medium:acrylic on canvas in hand painted artist frame

Size:59.7 x 49.5 cm. (23.5 x 19.5 in.)

I have taken this particular work above to use as an example. The work I have selected may not be the most defining for her style but I think the boot fits. This one shows the skill and concepts that are so determined with procreation in her work.



Here is an image of Mrs Herrera producing work.

As you can see the pigment is applied to a surface and tape is used to isolate spaces that do not wish to be bound by paint.




I think the work is good I like it it’s similar to mine by using spaces and shape to produce a design/ composition. The compositions and the colours are what makes this. In today’s work though i think many people are drawn to this work due to its back story of sexism in the 60s strength wise it is due to its minimal nature yet it lacks due to its flatness. In hindsight that’s why I’m using an interesting material when I do something like this.

i would argue Herrera is similar to Bengston due to her eccentric shapes and complex compositions!


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