Visit to Bristol

Im heading to Bristol in a few days so I thought I would check out what’s on offer art wise!







Left for Bristol

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Spike island was still being assembled and I couldn’t access their student studios because of it being owned privately


Arnolfini was closed! :(


Decided to go get some food in a cool Berger place :)


Went back to spike island:

First impressions: it felt kinda like a blown up puzzle it was all a bit cryptic. Clues and the term “material for” placed before all sentences. Once you remove it, it made the work better. Placement was sparse yet not a weakness it aided composition of the curation which supported my awareness of it. The style was clean and the execution was skilful with a feeling of excitement to it. It felt playful where the work fell short what it’s cheep connotations it felt ikea, perhaps this was a comment on modern decoration and society or perhaps a way to control the viewers thoughts by tying the work to something relatable.

Unfortunately the studio had specified that there shouldn’t be any photographs taken so I didn’t.

IMG_0838 IMG_0839 IMG_0840 IMG_0841 IMG_0842 IMG_0843

After reading the accompanying text: the work is actually fairly relatable to what I do myself! The curator Elisa Kay talks to Iman Issa and confronts her style of work and how she refers to it as ‘instrumental application of forms’. About how the work takes a well known monument and the artist aims to convey the representational qualities of that in a concentrated form. Well isn’t this what I do? But Issa denies that they are abstracted or just reduced. She discusses it as a understanding of what it is that is being concentrated what qualities and why do they convey what we see? She talks about her lack there of to include the name and date of the origin monument. She talks about how it is kind of irrelevant given that it usually isn’t the most memorable bit of provided information. This is obvious and a reliable experience given that we are visual people as art driven humans. The conversation is moved onto the point regarding special awareness and the use of the feature of a space to support a natural flow of the space and least contamination between works ideologies.


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