Red painting (title TBC)

This work was driven by another works conception. It was in production and then it was done. The composition  was right.


This is the work having been prepared.


This is an image captured in the moment of refining the paint.

Mark Rothko

The he work is best seen in similarity to an Untitled by Rothko in 1964.


This was an initial layer. I used a lot more pigment and I cooked the resin a lot more. The working removed brush marks and took about one hour. I was hoping the thicker application would seal in the set in primer canvas fibres. The problem was the working of the resin. Yes it removed brush marks although it did remove a lot too. This exposed the fibres leaving an initial rough- ish surface. This works process conflicts with the process used in this work:

Hoovers, TVs and three piece suites

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