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One level path and another continuing to ascend

Here is the original concept plan. It was designed with influence of venician architecture in mind. Here is the first derailleur up of the design. I am yet to develop this any further as I’m so ill! Here is the

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Pump house land through fence

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Sculptural umberellas

I’ve been collecting umberellas for a long time even before I foud them really cool as a prop for straight face performance but I now think they are pretty great as a social message as people seem to just litter

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Problems with the blog

Hopefully these are all rectified now!

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“TIME AND SPACE” 14/11/15

I found the experience to be very crispy, clinical and to the point. Beauty in a very precise manner. The feeling that the work conveyed a period of a beings life and experience learned and presented and therefore shared to

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I want to turn art on its head.

I want to turn art on its head. I want people to see that those who work in the building industry art nothing more than artists than I am a labourer.

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Silent walk in a group workshop

Without communication we found some pleasure in formulation of piles of leafs in a sort of line race!  

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