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As a whole series or collection I wanted to display alongside or perhaps develop at the same time first being a puddle in a busy park On a sunny day. One afternoon before work I grabbed a cup of tea

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More painting

Im ha I major problems getting to grips with the colour on this alkaflow stuff because you have to combat the fact it’s yellow yet dries clearish so I think this batch went on abit dark but I’ll work around

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Formative assessment review

Within my feedback I have taken a number of points to further develop More contextual understanding towards other artists. This means more trips to the meusem and other relevant art locations and then more clear reflection on things I’ve seen.

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Thoughts about use

I always remember asking or being asked how does it make me feel… (Enter your theme here) and now I’m looking back on things and I’m thinking it doesn’t even matter because it’s about the viewers¬†interaction and perhaps the artists

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Medium exploration

  Page westron has quite physically saved the day! The suggestion to make a miniature model has worked I have had problems and learnt a lot from this with issues of when the alkaflow oil drys and also testing layers

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Installation proposal

  Here is is a box room I’ve made to help convey ideas for installations I would like to develop this is in reference to the brick and elastic creation. The ability to interact by changing the room and the

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Painting in alkaflow

I have used alkaflow before but not like this I assume I am now doing it right thanks to the great support of fellow student Gemma Elizabeth Schiebe (weblink to be added!) using the alkaflow like the base of your

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07/03/16 critical talk

Talking with my personal group tutor it was made aware to me that the intentions I have a interesting to say the least not to mention whacky although in respects to the image I presented to show this interest it

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Group colaberation

Here is a post I forgot to post! Here are an array of serveylence cameras that we formed in regards to a unanimous decision to develop to a response to the notion we are always watched. This formed themes of

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Elastic and the brick

this interactive installation is a relook at a previous idea which I can only assume has resurfaced due to the works of Franchesca Chambers in and around fine art and Eleanore Metcalfe and her field groups ceiling installed work of

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