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Contextualisation 2

A post that shows us the most influential concept you gained from the Big Question lecture series, with a brief description of how it has influenced your practice. Brilliant session in big question looking at the topic of still life.

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Contextualisation 1

A post that shows us the most influential artwork you have seen first hand either on a London trip or in a gallery in Cardiff, with a brief description of how it has influenced your practice. I went to London

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Documentation 5

A post that demonstrates the work undertaken in the collaborative Field project. A selection ion of stages of the development in a colaberation project Planning from a painting which bread from the forms and shapes lines and cuts from the

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changing my mind

lately while this has been in storage awaiting the black stripe I have come fond of the flip upside-down I feel the gold makes a more prominent cue here but I feel adamant I will stick to the original intentions and leave this

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Working about with the size this composition should be at I derived at the middle size. The design should be quite confusing with the composition almost creating a reflection image and I think autonomously resulted in a yin and yang

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The bit inbetween

  Im not a massive fan of the alkaflow in the way I originally used it especially in this section it holds too many patchy sections due to its low viscosity. In future I would use my more improved ratio

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Quick catch up

  Jt it has been so,e time since updating and reflecting on this painting. Since last both left and right slithers of grey of the central strip have been added. Furthermore the whites that give the depth to the painting

Posted in Field, Subject   this isn’t my picture but I feel it is a great example. From what I spoke of before about the mould veins I would like a small collection of objects like these. I just need to get

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Addition of gold

  Adding the the gold has been a success or atleast to my knoledge in respects to how it’s officially done as I’m sure I have completely butchered the process! I am feeling unconfident presently about the sharp angle to

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Getting the gold… Well… gold

  It it took a long time but I think it’s alight spray never worked and gold paint would put of given me the shine and the feeling the emits from this of desire to have so I used immigration

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