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Jason and Jonny

Here is a hyperlink to the debate segment that I had put together. This document is a prompt for a debate myself and Jonny wall are going to give. material/ subject driven work. I don’t think there is either of them rather they are one

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Dissertation PDP accompanying

When I first started researching a topic I quickly found it wasn’t all that easy! In my case, I was more or less looking at why art works were deteriorating? I realised that if I had just consulted once source

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Tutor group discussion- Gwen and Jodie

This was a good debate session. We touched on topics such as ‘art that’s been done to death’ here I learned that this statement varies in validity dependant on locale. This Is supporting a route I am thinking of investigating with my

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Rebekah and Leigh- Ann

Here are minutes taken from a tutor group debate. The notes were taken by Jonny Wall.   Craft vs Concept • fine art more conceptual than craft – fine art makes you open up a philosophical discussion – craft doesn’t

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