Summative assesment


  1. A sample display of what I have produced and steps taken to get to these conclusions:

Block 1 Subject- Stairs

2. A example of what I have done with my most current developments:

Site Venue project

3. Ideas that I have already began and will be developing over the course of the next few months:

Watercolour, spray paint and reversed glass

4. A post about: Title: Positively towering (response to location: Llandough hospital) 2017:

Positively towering

5. A post regarding my next steps with resin and canvas:

Circle paintings


1. A post that demonstrates the most influential themes developing in the dissertation:

Tom Learner

2. A post regarding specific artists that I have used as contextual support regarding my most current works:

Vermeer to Caro

3. A post regarding artist I am finding interesting to move forward with:

Jan Williams

4. A post that displays the connections made in field:



Art and the conscious mind PDP

Did somebody call a doctor PDP


5. A post displaying a visit made to Hockney exhibition:

Hockeny, Tate Britain