Hello and welcome to Jason Cook’s website. Here you can contact me, browse my blog, see some of my current developments and view my works that have been shown.


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You need to have an up-to-date personal statement.

Jason Cook is undertaking his second year of studies and is a student of Cardiff School of Art and Design. Presently he is interested in minimalism/ surrounding groups, material technicalities, and finding a place for himself in our post-art society.

Jason’s current productions invite the audience to observe and reflect. The work, while static may present or deny the opportunity to conceptually enter the re-enacted spaces. The use of shape, line and colour give valuable cues to where the viewer may be situated upon arrival. Here you may draw attention to your own narrative or speculate on the creators story having been abstracted.

The material use is a focus of the work and contextual footings are unearthed, poured and rolled from the artists hand onto canvas. Reference to his history, locations and aspirations are subtly hinted to in the intention to keep ambiguity.

For enquiries please refer to: http://www.jasoncooksart.co.uk/contact/

1. A post that documents the original artwork you chose and your initial ideas and material responses to it.



2. A post that begins to clarify the translation of your ideas around this artwork, evidencing the material exploration and thinking that led to the development of your own original artwork(s).



3. A post that begins to demonstrate your thinking for the future exhibition space that you will participate in, and for the dissemination of your work and ideas outside of the university.



4. A post that indicates how the knowledge gained in your chosen Field projects has begun to enhance your studio practice.



5. A post of your own choosing. For Contextualisation you need to have four specific links (listed below) and one of your own choosing:

1. A post that demonstrates the most influential concepts you have gained from the Key Concept lecture series, with a brief description of how this has influenced your practice.



2. A post that demonstrates a key contextual reference you found through your research into your initial chosen artwork, with a brief description of how this has influenced your studio practice.


3. A post that indicates a key contextual reference you have found through your research during either of your Field projects, with a brief description of how these have influenced your studio practice.



4. A post that indicates your contextual research and thinking about how artists display and disseminate their work




5. A contextual post of your own choosing.