ADZ6333 Consolidation (Subject)

  • Make a series of experiments and artworks that demonstrate an individual and original artistic practice. /
  • Maintain and present an online learning journal with a documentation section and a contextualisation section. /
  • Provide a written statement about your artistic practice. The statement must be no more than 300 words long. /

I was born October 1995, Cardiff. I have studied at the University of South Wales in Trefforest under Fine Art and later Cardiff metropolitan university in Landaff, also under Fine Art.

I make art because of the way it makes me feel. My process allows me to self-imbue my art by pouring my sentiment directly into them. If a piece doesn’t feel right it isn’t started. My art is like a souvenir to help reflect upon stages in my life. The artwork is equally as important as my physical presence.

The work that I make come from personal experiences. Some, from the past have come from a confrontation of mortality, another experiencing a human error and my hesitation to repeat it. Another one; spending of time with a unspoken tension. They derive from very specific events. The ideas are then refined down to the most important features and are manifested into an image and accompanying text in order to give suggestion.

I find interest in artists such as Carman Herrera, Mark Rothko, Garry Hume and Billy Al Bengston. This is evident in materials, style, compositions and awareness of features of work.

In the past I have worked on a traditional canvas and wooden stretcher, while this felt very comfortable I had made the decision to shift to metal support. The transition helped support my current intentions to form a clean cut and contemporary style all with a newly found level of control over the material.

I hope to lure the viewer in with attractive visuals. Once captured, with the use of thought provoking titling, which invite the viewers own associations and preconceptions.

The works I have chosen to display have been selected to draw a close to my educational BA practice.

  • Select in your Learning Journal 3 Documentation and 3 Contextualisation key posts. The documentation section covers works made during the year, leading to but not including the work made for the Degree exhibition of module ADZ6888: Exposure. The contextualisation section covers artists research, gallery visits, etc… leading to but not including the contextualisation of your exhibition for module ADZ6888: Exposure. /









ADZ6888 Exposure (Field)

  • Select and present an artwork or a series of artworks in a planned exhibition that demonstrates the creativity and innovation with which you engage with the discipline of Fine-Art./

Select an appropriate means of exhibition that clearly situates the body of work within the context of contemporary culture. /

  • Select in your Learning Journal 2 key Documentation entries and 2 key Contextualisation entries related to the development and finalisation of your Degree exhibition. The Learning Journal clearly documents the development of your practice and the contextual research that underpins it.







  • Prepare a 10mn digital presentation about your professional development plans, based on practical steps taken during your studies. Provide evidence of professional development initiatives such as job applications, research and application to post-graduate studies, volunteering, job placements. You will deliver the presentation to Fine-Art staff on assessment day./
  • Prepare a 10mn verbal presentation about your current work and key aspects of your practice. You will deliver the presentation to Fine-Art staff on assessment day.
  • Provide a link to a page of your Learning Journal featuring your statement and links to the Documentation and Contextualisation key posts for both ADZ6333 and ADZ6888 as mentioned above. Upload the URL on the following page: https://learn.cardiffmet.ac.uk/mod/ouwiki/view.php?id=344819. Click on the “edit” tab and paste your URL by your name./
  • In addition the Exposure (ADZ6888) module has three submission ports on Moodle on this link:/   https://learn.cardiffmet.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=19298#section-2   In the first port, called CAT1, you have to provide yourName / Email Address / Phone Number / Website or Blog address / Artist Statement for the school wide catalogue./
  • In the second port, called CAT2, you have to upload 2 low res (72dpi) images of your work, and 2 high res (300dpi) images of your work./
  • In the third port, you will submit your Professional Development presentation – 15 slides maximum. This should be a Powerpoint or PDF document./